Ellipse Smart Bike Lock Ships, Bringing Consumers Advanced Theft and Crash Detection, Plus Bike Sharing Capabilities

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Innovative bike sharing technology paves the way for next-generation bike fleets

LAS VEGAS - (January 4, 2017) - Today, smart city company, Lattis, announced worldwide shipping of the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock. Ellipse brings the smart technology seen in today’s cars to bicyclists for the first time, with features like anti-theft and crash alerts, bike sharing, keyless entry, and bank-level encryption. Ellipse is shipping now, and is available at www.lattis.io. Lattis will publicly unveil Ellipse at Pepcom tonight in Las Vegas, and will preview its upcoming commercial bike share platform. The Lattis Bike Share Platform promises to transform bike sharing by making it easier for organizations to build and manage bike fleet programs at ten times lower the cost of traditional bike share operations.

“With the debut of Ellipse and the Lattis Bike Share Platform, the company enters the bike industry with the goal of transforming how bicyclists use and share bikes,” said Jack Al-Kahwati Founder and CEO of Lattis. “Ellipse’s security and sharing capabilities have given us the flexibility to create a platform with an entirely customizable commercial bike share experience for bike share operators and members.”

The Smart, Social Lock with Unlimited Potential

The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock leverages state-of-the-art accelerometer and Bluetooth technology that works up to 800 feet, giving consumers next-generation crash alerts and theft protection.

Ellipse detects and alerts consumers to attempted thefts, and even provides crash alerts through the Ellipse app.  The first lock to provide this safety feature, Ellipse can detect severe impact and send out text alerts with GPS coordinates to friends and family through the Ellipse app.

Ellipse’s keyless feature gives people the flexibility to lend bikes out to friends and family in a whole new way. Consumers can lend out their bike to anyone in their trusted network while keeping track of it via the Find My Ellipse feature within the app, which pinpoints the location of the last place the bike was locked. This is also a handy tool for riders that have a little trouble finding their bikes between rides.

Smart Design Inside and Out

Ellipse doesn’t rely on smart technology alone to keep bikes safe, the device features military grade construction, including a dual-locking mechanism to secure both sides of the forged 4100 series chromoly steel shackle, making it one of the strongest locks on the market.

Ellipse stays fueled on its own, with a built-in solar panel that virtually eliminates the need for manual charging, making it ideal for both consumer and commercial use. Just one hour of sunlight provides enough power to use Ellipse for a week. A fully charged battery (12 hours in the sun) lasts up to six months for average users. Ellipse can also be charged through a built-in micro USB.

Powerful Commercial Platform Transforms Bike Sharing

Leveraging the technology that powers the Ellipse lock, Lattis is also introducing the Lattis Bike Share Platform, a robust commercial platform aimed at creating a simpler, more cost-effective way to bike share. Lattis gives organizations a quick and easy way to deploy and manage large bike share fleets at ten times lower the cost of traditional bike share operations. Current bike share solutions require hefty start-up and maintenance fees, and the ability to manage large hubs of bikes in multiple locations. Lattis’ flexible web and app-based platform, paired with Ellipse, provides fleet operators a high-security, low-cost alternative.

For bike share members, the Lattis Bike Share platform offers the freedom to pick up and drop off a bike anywhere, a simplified smartphone payment system, as well as all the safety features that come with the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock.

Ellipse is is available for purchase online at lattis.io for $199. The Lattis Bike Share Platform will roll out during the first half of 2017.

About Lattis

Founded in 2013 by an ex-Boeing engineer,  Lattis is a San Francisco based company focused on improving urban living through intelligent technology solutions. Its first product, Ellipse, is a smart bicycle lock that provides theft alerts, bike sharing, keyless entry and solar charging that will pave the way for a more cost-effective, intelligent and secure bike sharing experience, for consumer and commercial use.