Winter Cycling Guide PT.2: How To Maintain Your Bike

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Think you have what it takes to stay on your bike year round, but don’t know where to start? In part two of our three-part series, we give you essential tips for maintaining your bike and keeping safe under freezing conditions.

A Regular Check-Up, Keeps The Winter Bike Blues Away.

With frigid conditions, comes serious wear and tear. Road salt, below freezing temperatures and dirty slush (amongst other things), can seriously beat up your bike. That’s why we recommend doing a regular checkup to ensure the winter cycle doesn’t create any permanent damage.

Wash off any grime that may have built up over the week, keep you chain oiled regularly and ensure that your shifting cables are working properly. Salt, in particular, can cause some real chaos to these components if it dries. Make sure not to let that slush stay on your bike too long or risk damaging it.

Invest In A Good Pair Of Mudguards

Without a good pair of mudguards, you’re already facing a losing battle. The wintertime is never a tidy affair, and the slush and muck kicked up from your tires can leave you a sad and sopping mess, not to mention reek havoc on your bike. If you want to win at the winter cycling game, invest in a sturdy, well-constructed pair of mudguards for both your front and (especially) your back tires. has a few great recommendations here.

Just Because It’s Winter, Doesn’t Mean Someone Won’t Steal Your Bike

As a smart bike lock company, we’d be remised if we didn’t mention this. There’s a misconception that bike thieves go on holidays during the winter. But that is definitely not the case. There are unsavory folks all around that would love nothing more than to find an opportunity to steal your bike. Just as you would in the summer, be sure to secure your bike in a visible, well-lit area, to something sturdy that thieves can’t cut through.

With a Skylock on your side, you’ll also have theft alerts to keep your bike safe. If a thief braves the cold to try and tamper with it, you’ll get an alert on your phone letting you know.