April 2018 Updates

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Hi Ellipse Backers,

We wanted to provide you an update on shipping. Since we’ve received the stock, we’ve been tediously confirming shipping addresses over and successfully shipped out hundreds of units. We are on track to complete all of the US backlog in a few weeks! If you haven’t heard from our team, please reach out on support@lattis.io. We’ve also added a customer support agent, and we will be faster at  responding to your emails.

Besides shipping locks, we’ve also been working on series of accessories for your lock that we will be sharing soon. There’s also a new iOS app that is on its way that is faster, has stability improvements, and improves the app experience. We are constantly working to make Ellipse and it’s apps better and we welcome your feedback, so feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you all so much for your patience—we know it’s been a long road, but we’ve hit the final home stretch. With a large number of our backers having Ellipses in hand, we’re excited to see how it will further enrich your riding.

With gratitude,

Team Lattis