Onwards with DVT

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Since finishing our EVT (Engineering Verification Test) we’ve been focused on getting ready for the next phase, DVT (Design Verification Test). In this latest phase of production we’ll be making 50 Skylocks and running them through a battery of tests.

We’ve already done some testing. In the video below you can see the Skylock being ran through the Skylock IPX4 rain test. This test ensures that no harmful effects come to the Skylock from water being splashed from any direction for 5 minutes at a flow rate of 10 liters per minute, with a pressure of 50–150 kPa.


Here is Skylock undergoing ESD (Electro Static Discharge). Skylock successfully survived repeated 8kV (8,000 volts) discharge.

In the process of moving towards DVT, we decided to make an intermediate step and create an EVT2 version of the electronics to fix a layout bug in the accelerometer and magnetometer that prevented Skylock from going into ultra-low power. To be very precise in our measurements, we got our hands on a high sampling rate, data acquisition system, which allows us to measure femtoamps of current.

Our critical path is the tools for 7 mechanical parts which include forgings, die casting, injection molding, stamping, and compression molding. We’ve been working a long, long, long list of DFM (Design for Manufacturing) changes that will ensure Skylock parts have high yield rates in production.

We’ve begun the tool release, and are making progress on designing and building the fixtures needed to flash firmware on the PCBs. The firmware and test apps have been updated to be more systematic for manufacturing. We can now independently test both I2C data buses, cap touch sensor, LEDs, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Solar Charging, USB Charging, and Bluetooth. The technical team is heading back to China after Chinese New Year to ramp up the next batch of units.

As always, thank you for your constant support and patience. As we embark on 2016, and another year at Velo Labs, we are constantly reminded that we wouldn’t be where we are without you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch at support@lattis.io