Hold the iPhone: Introducing the Ellipse App

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The Lattis team is proud to reveal the Ellipse app! With it, you’ll be able to fully utilize the Ellipse lock and all of its powerful features. 



We’ve been working on this app around the clock for months, and it’s full of little things that make it user friendly, intuitive, and secure. Here are a few of the main features that we think you’ll love:

  • Lock/Unlock: your Ellipse with a tap of your phone.
  • Enable proximity auto locking/unlocking: just snap the shackle into the lock bar and walk away.
  • Receive Theft Alerts: when your bike is being tampered with, Ellipse will detect the motion and send you an alert. Even the sensitivity can be adjusted!
  • Share Access: create and setup your own bike share network with friends and family.
  • Enable Crash Alerts: if you happen to be in an accident, your phone will notify your preferred contacts.
  • Configure the Touchpad: set a unique combination that can be used to lock or unlock Ellipse if your phone dies.
  • Find your Ellipse: Your location is pinned when the device is locked.

The Ellipse app will be available for download very soon from both the iOS and Android store.