How the Lockbar Sleeve is Made

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Skylock’s unique lockbar sleeve serves two purposes. The first purpose is to provide an interface for the capacitive touch pad, which can be used to unlock your bike in case your phone dies. Letters are debossed on the inside of the sleeve and when backlit by the LEDs, a touch interface appears. When the LEDs turn off, the interface disappears, leaving the lock inconspicuous. This type of interface is called a “deadfront” display and is visible only when it’s needed.

The second purpose of the sleeve is to protect your bike. The silicone rubber sleeve has a super soft texture, which is achieved through a secondary spraying operation. It feels similar to an Apple Watch band and keeps dust and fingerprints off of your lock.

In its uncured state, silicone rubber is a naturally clear, highly-adhesive gel. It is then colored to our specifications and put inside a compression molding tool where heat and pressure vulcanize the rubber. Vulcanization is a chemical process that converts the rubber into a more durable and less sticky material. Voila! Pretty cool, right?