Finalizing Skylock Design

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In our last update, we were just beginning the Design Validation Test (DVT) for Skylock. This run was built using tooled parts, and was done to ensure that the units looked good cosmetically and all the parts fit well together. During DVT, we had parts off of our molds and had a chance to see how everything fit together, build a number of pilot units, and run tests to ensure that it all worked as planned. We ran a sample set of these parts through our rugged test plan, and we’ve made a few changes in order to improve the durability of the lock. We are now extremely happy with the results, and Skylock is considered final. We’re now focusing on optimizing the manufacturing process.

The final milestone before Mass Production (MP) is the Production Validation Test (PVT). This process involves timing workers at each station and running the production line at full scale for a short period. Testing after this stage confirms that the process can produce a consistent result in an efficient way.

Looking at the latest manufacturing schedule, we’re on track to begin shipping our earliest pre-orders in July. Mass Production will kick off by the beginning of August. If you have further questions, please contact us at