Electronic Design

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Following up from our update detailing the mechanical design we would like to bring Skylock’s electronics to the forefront.

The biggest advantage Skylock has over its competitors is the theft detection feature. The accelerometer on Skylock monitors movement and after a certain threshold of shaking is reached it sends an alert back to the phone. The Skylock app is always listening for these theft alerts and notifies the bike owner. Significant jarring of the lock sends the notification, so the lock can also help protect your components if the thief is shaking your bike. Another feature unique to Skylock is the external antenna which boosts the range of Skylock for the theft notifications. This permits you to be further from your bike and still receive notifications.

Visually the most unique feature about Skylock is the solar panel. The solar panel particularly makes sense in a bike lock because the lock spends so many hours outdoors. While charging electronics is a daily part of our lives, we believe it shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. Skylocks solar panel was designed to trickle charge our battery, so as long as it gets some sunlight regularly your battery is not in jeopardy of dying. Skylock also benefits from smart power management, which is extremely efficient in using features in a manner which reduces battery consumption.

Finally the last feature we would like to highlight about Skylock is perhaps its most important, crash alerts. Crash alerts trigger when a sudden spike in acceleration is felt on both the accelerometer in Skylock and on your smart phone. We also check to make sure you were moving before sending a crash alert in order not to trigger false alerts. As a group of urban cyclists, we at Velo Labs recognize the dangers of cycling in crowded cities and are excited to provide this feature to our customers.