10 Facts About Bike Theft Every Cyclist Should Know

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Bike theft can hit anyone at anytime.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re living in a booming metropolis or a sleepy village, thieves are everywhere and they want your ride.

As a company who specializes in the prevention of bike theft, we believe that the combination of a great lock and some knowledge about how to avoid thefts altogether can go a long way.

We created this infographic, which compiles “10 Facts About Bike Theft That Every Cyclist Should Know”, to help fellow cyclists arm themselves with the knowledge needed to avoid the pitfalls. We hope it’s useful next time you’re trying to find a place to lock up your bike!

Want to make your bike as theft-proof as possible? Lattis' smart lock technology gives every cyclist an advantage over thieves.

With keyless entry and theft alerts sent directly to your smartphone, you can further the good fight against theft. Our custom antenna means your Bluetooth signal will stay connected when it matters most (up to 243 meters or 800 feet in range).

The Ellipse Smart Bike Lock also comes with a forged chromoly steel shackle and a dual-locking mechanism, and is designed to be extremely robust. It also uses 256-bit elliptic-curve cryptography to always keep your bike safe.

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