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The Best New Tech Of 2017

Men's Health

We saw a lot of cool new tech products at CES this year. We also saw a lot of sad, misguided stuff that no doubt cost hundreds of thousands—in some cases, likely millions—of dollars to develop. With a range of up to 800 feet (or three city blocks), this solar-powered bicycle lock will send an alert to your phone if it senses someone trying to jack your ride.

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Lattis’ Bike Lock Sends Theft Alerts and Tells Friends if You Crash


Lattis is unveiling its smart bike lock, the Ellipse, as a way to deter theft and notify your friends if you get in a wreck on your bicycle.

It appears that the Internet of Things, or making everyday objects smart and connected, is invading everything at CES 2017, the big trade show in Las Vegas this week. So why not bike locks?

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For $199, You Can Protect Your Bike With A Smart Lock Called Ellipse

Digital Trends

We always knew that our four-legged friends were loyal, but our two-wheeled vehicles? Well, they might not be leaving us either — at least, not if you have an Ellipse Smart Bike Lock. Smart-city startup Lattis announced during CES that the firm’s connected, anti-theft gadget is now shipping worldwide.

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Lattis Announces Revolutionary New Ellipse Bicycle Lock System

Gear Diary

If you’ve visited a large city any time lately, you’ve probably encountered racks of public bicycles available for short-term rentals by tourists and urban residents alike. Where I live here in Nashville, our B-Cycles are red and scattered at dozens of stations around town..

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Skylock Bike Lock Alerts You When Someone Tries to Steal Your Bike


Even the toughest bike locks won't stand up to the most determined and well-equipped bike thieves. But a new startup is trying to prevent bike thefts altogether with the Skylock, its connected bike lock that can be controlled with a smartphone and sends real-time alerts when a lock is tampered with.
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Meet Skylock, The Solar-Powered Smart Bike Lock From Velo Labs


So what makes Skylock different? For one thing, the lock has a rugged, dual-lock system to deter thieves. Thanks to an accelerometer embedded in the device, it also has a theft alert system to let bike owners know if someone’s been messing with the lock for an extended period of time.
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This Bluetooth U-Lock Brings Keyless Entry to Your Bike


One of the things the Skylock app lets you do is give other people, like your sister or your roommate, access to your bike. But Al-Kahwati see Skylock as the key to a much broader sort of sharing. Instead of picking up and depositing bikes at a handful of official locations like you do with today’s city-wide programs, perhaps Skylock could pave the way for something more decentralized, letting riders bring up a map, say, to see the wheels available in their area.
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The Smartest Bike Lock Ever

The Skylock is a solar-powered U-lock that opens automatically via a Bluetooth link with your phone when you approach your bike. You can also control the lock from afar with your phone, making it easy to let a friend borrow your bike at any time. 
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Skylock is A Keyless, Solar-powered Bike Lock That Just Launched A Crowdfunding Campaign

The lock also has an internal accelerometer so it can alert you if your bike gets moved — something that would have been helpful to me last fall when construction workers dismantled the scaffolding to which I had stupidly locked my bike. You can even adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer if you live in a place like New York City where rats and pedestrians will be bumping into your ride all day.
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